HR Update

The research released today indicates that experience and education – once crucial to many positions – are becoming less important amid labour shortages.
“Our workforce has changed,” says expert. “Many companies are coming out of COVID with new projects, new initiatives, new programs that are driving their business and don’t see what they’re working…
“For an organization to be high-performing and for a team to be high-performing, they need a leader who is energized and at their best," said CEO of the Year Kathryn Tremblay.
The summer issue of our quarterly newsmagazine also features a special Defence and Security section and our quarterly HR Update where we talk about “leadership fatigue.”
Having to virtually integrate a new employee into an organization presents a unique set of challenges for employers.
Work-from-anywhere trend means local businesses are seeing new opportunities to hire outside the National Capital Region
When the health risks start to fade, how can employers manage staff who prefer to keep working from home?
A shift in thinking and a better understanding of what it means to get older will be critical to overcome future talent shortages.
When given the opportunity to discuss the assistive tools or resources that enable their professional success, individuals with disabilities can be powerful assets for startups looking to scale up.
Resilience is a skill that can be developed. But just like a physical muscle, resilience requires consistent and deliberate practice to grow.