Mischa Kaplan

For most individuals, identifying the characteristics that make someone professionally successful is easy: a senior rank within the organization, depth and breadth of one’s professional n
One of the hottest topics in management research right now is the relationship between entrepreneurship and innovation.
At the third annual Women, Wine and Wisdom evening, hosted by the West Ottawa Board of Trade, a panel discussed the challenging but relevant topic of women leaders in the workpla
The drive to bring Ottawa’s chambers of commerce together under one roof has finally succeeded.
Last September, I wrote a piece for this newspaper in which I suggested that Ottawa is currently undergoing a positive transfo
With 2017 finally behind us, many business owners in Ottawa were most likely looking forward to breathing a sigh of relief.
From an economic development perspective, Ottawa is currently undergoing a massive and mostly promising transformation.
In March of this year, Ottawa welcomed its 19th business improvement area, or “BIA.” Located several kilometres from the Canadian Tire Centre and nestled snug in the heart of Kanata’s rap