Startups looking to improve broadband access for remote and rural communities in northern Ontario could soon receive funding from an Ottawa-based organization.
As Huawei’s Canadian operations come under increasing scrutiny amid an international brouhaha, the Chinese firm’s Ottawa-based research partners are adopting a holding pattern until the p
Before the arrest of Huawei Technologies' chief financial officer Meng Wanzhou in Vancouver last weekend, the Chinese company wasn't a household name in Canada – certainly not in the leag
The future of the internet in Ottawa has never looked brighter thanks to the efforts of numerous groups aiming to improve the National Capital Region’s network infrastructure.
Huawei’s global sales continued to climb in the first half of the year even as concerns about the smartphone maker’s links to the Chinese government permeated security discussions around the world.
A new report is resurrecting security fears related to the Chinese state's influence on Huawei, a telecom firm with a sizable presence in Ottawa that's among the leaders in developing nex
Huawei Canada is reaffirming its 5G confidence in Ottawa, as the Chinese telecom fir
One of Canada’s telecom heavyweights has joined a local industry organization aimed at developing the next generation of networking technologies.
In a follow-up to Techopia's feature on the 5G buzz in Ottawa, Ritch Dusome – CENGN's president and CEO – and Rob Cameron, N