As NAFTA talks enter their most sensitive phase, a fever of speculation has broken out about whether Donald Trump might soon announce his intention to withdraw from NAFTA – and it's likel
Crow Smith greets the deliveryman to unload a pile of packages from his truck.
Looking for Jordan: The case resumes Wednesday against several former SNC-Lavalin and hospital executives charged with fraud in Montreal.
The NAFTA countries haven't broken up. But they are publicly bickering. They are delaying their next get-together date.
The NAFTA talks have now entered their most difficult phase with the United States beginning to drop its bombshell proposals on the negotiating table at a just-begun fourth round outside
Stephen Harper broke his public silence on current events by offering a gloomy assessment on the state of international trade, describing anti-trade sentiment in the U.S.
Five things to watch for in the Canadian business world in the coming week:
Chrystia Freeland has given Canadians a peek at their government's strategy as it prepares to go nose-to-nose with the country's biggest trading partner in crucial NAFTA talks.
The United States wants to maintain – and even expand – the Buy America provisions that restrict government procurement to companies using materials from within its borders, while making