Intellectual Property

Two female founders from Ottawa have a possible solution to traps many founders fall into, from organizational struggles to issues protecting intellectual property. It's called Fortress.Legal.
When it comes to IP, the old adage “time is money” is particularly true.
A group of Ontario firefighters-turned-entrepreneurs have found a way to make battling flames a safer business – not only for first responders, but for the environment.
Clancy PC and Rideout & Maybee LLP are among the firms from across Canada participating in Amazon's IP accelerator.
HEXO knew it had to be proactive in securing a strategic portfolio of intellectual property (IP) assets – including patents, trade secrets, trademarks and copyrights.
Topics covered in new 14-week certificate program include drafting legal agreements to maintain control of IP, monetizing patented innovations and protecting trade secrets.
Newly branded virtual IP service blends business, technology and IP expertise to remove the burden of IP management from busy execs
Fund will target scaling companies in knowledge-based industries with rich IP portfolios including patents, design and trade secrets and at least $1M in annual revenue.
It’s no trade secret: MBM Intellectual Property Law had much to celebrate at a well-attended reception it hosted Thursday night to mark its quarter-of-a-century milestone in Ottawa