C-COM Satellite Systems

C-COM's CEO attributed the firm’s growth to a 'resurgence' of orders from customers in the oil and gas sector as well as government and disaster recovery organizations
Ottawa’s C-COM Satellite Systems more than doubled its profit in fiscal 2018 ​– the 14th consecutive year the company has finished in the black
Aerospace company finishes in the black for 30th consecutive quarter.
Technology has been used for mobile banking, wildlife protection, election polls, telemedicine and a 'tax office on wheels.'
An Ottawa company that develops mobile communications satellite systems has inked a five-year contract with one of its reselling partners that could be worth up to US$2 million.
Made-in-Ottawa tech is embedded in telemedicine vehicles serving "hospital deserts” – remote areas far from comprehensive medical facilities.
The chief executive of C-COM Satellite Systems says he expects stabilizing oil prices to lead to more orders from the Ottawa tech company’s clients in the oil and gas sector in the coming months.
Fourth-quarter revenues up 16.7% to $3.43 million.
The number of Ottawa-based companies on a list of Canada’s top tech firms was up by one this year.
Losing customers as part of its airtime business helped push revenues down at Ottawa’s C-COM Satellite Systems during its first quarter, the company announced on Tuesday.