Mark Sutcliffe

The debate over downtown parking fees comes as the issue of revitalizing Ottawa’s COVID-battered core is taking centre stage among many business leaders.
OBJ reached out to the mayoral candidates about their views on the city’s business community and its priorities and will be sharing their responses, in their own words, over the next few days.
Sutcliffe, a founder and former publisher of OBJ, has deep connections to Ottawa’s business community.
The business whose application was the highest-scored overall by judges will also be awarded Ottawa Smallbiz of the Year, which comes with a $10,000 prize.
Unpacking the importance of Lansdowne to Ottawa's tourism sector and how the community space has become Ottawa premiere meeting place for sports, festivals and business events. 
With events and festivals making their return to the capital, a resurgence in sports tourism is expected to follow suit – in part, due to a set of new state-of-the-art sports facilities in the comm
Like a family emerging from the basement after a natural disaster, local businesses resurfacing and regrouping after the pandemic won’t have much time to celebrate.
Ottawa's museums play a pivotal role in the city's tourism ecosystem, attracting visitors from across the globe.
Tech executives, startup founders, health care entrepreneurs and business leaders from construction, real estate, retail, tourism and communications among this year's recipients
For the second year in a row, recipients will be spotlighted in a virtual event featuring a host of local business and community leaders.