A year after being acquired by BDO, big data analytics firm says new deal to buy Calgary company will open up western Canadian market.
'This isn’t an exit for us,' Lixar CEO Bill Syrros says.
'Dedication, discipline, professionalism ​– all these things that you need to succeed in professional hockey you need in the business world as well.'
A handful of Ottawa-based firms are among a roster of artificial intelligence suppliers that will aim to bring the federal government into the digital age with a new wave of service offer
Artists playing this weekend’s Megaphono festival might be the first in the world to be paid royalties in cryptocurrency, thanks to an Ottawa firm’s app.
Lixar announced Tuesday a multi-year deal with NASCAR that will see the Ottawa firm become the racing organization’s preferred technology partner.
Nova Scotia's business lending agency is giving a payroll rebate worth up to $520,000 over five years to a Ottawa-based tech firm that specializes in mobile app development.