La Cité Collegiale

The Ontario Progressive Conservative government’s first budget contained a few items just for Ottawa, and several more that are bound to have an impact on local businesses
Amid rising demand for qualified graduates, College La Cité received over $2M in grants to invest in new labs and equipment
Jensen’s tenure at Algonquin has been marked by a strong focus on instilling entrepreneurial principles into programs offered by the college
In the latest edition of the OBJ newsmagazine, publisher Michael Curran notes the value of collaboration between Ottawa's post-secondary institutions
La Cité and western Ontario’s Conestoga College will partner on the new program aimed at addressing a reported shortage of cheesemakers in the province
With a deep talent pool, rich history in the industry and a new sound stage development on the horizon, Ottawa's animation sector could be heading into a golden age
The two Ottawa colleges will get a cut of $45 million in previously promised federal funding
Carleton, the University of Ottawa, Algonquin College and La Cite launch $5M program to help graduates with disabilities enter the workforce.
College faculty in Ontario head back to their schools today, after a five-week strike was ended over the weekend with back-to-work legislation.
Striking faculty and the council representing Ontario's 24 colleges resumed bargaining talks Thursday as pressure mounts to end the labour dispute that's left half a million students out of class for…