Rideau Transit Group

The consortium building the first phase of Ottawa’s light-rail transit system will miss its third handover deadline, with the system now expected to be delivered in the second quarter of the year
“I am happy to be wrong, but I am highly skeptical that they’re going to achieve March 31,” said transit boss John Manconi
A specific day for revenue service availability – a date already pushed back multiple times – was not provided
From in-station stores to downtown restaurants, John Manconi says LRT will open up opportunities for businesses of all kinds
This is the second time the light rail transit system will be delayed.
Meanwhile, Rideau Transit Group reaffirms Nov. 2 handover date for Confederation line LRT
Light-rail line now scheduled to open in November.
The new handover date is Nov. 2, Watson told the finance and economic development committee on Tuesday, adding that taxpayers will not bear the financial burden of the delay.
Downtown streets were supposed to be clear before July 1 weekend celebrations
Barred from building the expansion to Ottawa’s east-west light-rail network, the firms currently constructing the Confederation Line say they’ve received a $349-million contract to ensure