Leonovus continues to strike an optimistic tone on its numerous customer trials, but the software storage firm’s share price has dwindled this year on promises of revenue to come
The Ottawa-based firm said in a release that it had converted a 10-month proof-of-concept project with a large, unnamed financial institution into a contract
Local blockchain tech firm will hold an initial coin offering to raise funds for project.
Federal government poised to become 'a large reference customer' for Ottawa tech firm.
Local cloud-based security firm hosts live panel discussion at AGM
Feds are set to become "a large Leonovus reference customer," which Ottawa tech firm says will help it market to other large enterprise users.
The technology’s most fervent developers are typically cryptocurrency enthusiasts, whereas Leonovus is using it to power security applications – making for a mismatch in skillsets.
Leonovus and Bennett Jones LLP are adding fresh talent as of late.
“The Government of Canada is about to become a large Leonovus reference customer."
Blockchain and AI are a few of the emerging technologies underpinning Ottawa’s high-potential tech firms