Owners of Ottawa homes that increased in value by more than 3.6 per cent over the past four years should brace for an increase in property taxes next year.
Who couldn’t use an extra few thousand dollars a year in spending money? The cost of borrowing is close to record lows, yet many of us fail to make the most of this.
How many bad decisions can one region’s planners make? Lots, if you are talking about the city of Ottawa.
Justin Trudeau arrived at the White House in March for his first official visit as prime minister at the exact time as the White House announced its release of a draft policy for the U.S.
The recent concerns and undeniable failures with large government IT projects could actually prove beneficial for small and medium-sized enterprises in Ottawa.
Business is booming at two of Ottawa’s biggest regional shopping malls – the Rideau Centre and Bayshore Shopping Centre – and the city’s retailers generally had a pretty good year overall in 2015.
In its first budget earlier this spring, the Liberal government announced it is going to invest $800 million in innovation, entrepreneurship and technology cluster development over the next four ye
Some things appear to be impossible, others just highly implausible. But making baseball work in Ottawa?
The latest federal budget promises to improve living standards in communities across the country, in part by infusing billions of dollars into new infrastructure spending over the next five years.
With the National Capital Commission recently choosing the bid backed by Senators owner Eugene Melnyk as its preferred plan for LeBreton Flats, here is a key question: how can the Sens pay for a ne