The firm is widely regarded as a leader in the emerging field of immunotherapy, in which viruses that attack malignant tumours are administered to patients, and has made multiple appearances on lists…
Mary Sayewich has led a wide variety of high-impact projects, including leading the creation of a robust event services department.
The web-based app provides templates, frameworks, tips and prompts to reduce stress among students when they sit down in front of their computer by 'making that blank screen less intimidating.'
With backing from heavy hitters such as UFC announcer Bruce Buffer, Matt and Scott Whitteker aim to connect fans of combat sports with their favourite athletes in a whole new way has grown its headcount from three to 20 since March 2020 and expects that number to jump to 50 by next year. 
Each year, billions of dollars worth of goods are damaged in transit when, for example, perishable items are kept at the wrong temperature or a warehouse forklift backs into a pallet.
Canvaspop navigated a rapidly changing photography and consumer landscape since launching in 2009.
High concentration of tech workers puts Ottawa in 'position of strength coming out of the pandemic'
How coworking spaces can re-energize collaboration and culture in the workplace
News comes just a couple of months after university unveiled plans to open a 2,000-square-foot innovation space at the west-end tech centre.