Deal comes hot on the heels of Grade A’s merger with Oregon’s Convergence Networks last December.
Long-serving C-suite leaders are expected to end their lengthy tenures with the Ottawa-based e-commerce company in June.
Ottawa-based firm says proceeds from the offering will help finance its multibillion-dollar low-Earth orbit satellite program.
With the pandemic crisis, we’ve all had a lot of time to consider the places we call home. Some would say too much.
Cybersecurity startup's headcount has already jumped 20 per cent since late December and now stands at 150.
Startup hopes deal with Boehringer Ingelheim paves way for partnerships with other big health-care players as it launches $1M funding drive.
Noibu’s revenues soared nearly 600 per cent in 2020 as retailers realized that even minutes of selling time lost to glitches in their online stores could translate into a massive missed opportunity.
Company hopes decade-long effort to develop secure data-transfer technology will finally bear fruit after getting the green light to sell its products to the federal government.
ManageServe specializes in working with customers who use software from suppliers such as SAP to manage various aspects of their business, from finance and HR to distribution and supply chains.
What will an expected period of growth and prosperity mean for charities?