Region's red-hot economic growth continues as Ottawa-Gatineau employers added nearly 10,000 jobs to their payrolls last month, Statistics Canada says.
The deputy governor of the Bank of Canada says it may need to raise its key interest rate to three per cent or beyond to ensure inflation does not become entrenched.
Merchants that lost income due to the demonstrations against vaccine mandates earlier this year can apply for up to $10,000 in funding.
Governor says the central bank hopes it can take a meaningful step toward building trust and strengthening its relationship with Indigenous peoples.
Statistics Canada says a number of signs point to an increasingly tight labour market in recent months, including a drop in the number of part-time workers that would prefer full-time work.
Hexo Corp. reported a net loss of $690.3 million as it recorded $616 million in one-time impairment charges in its latest quarter as it worked to turn around the cannabis business.
Nav Canada will enter into a lease-back contract that will allow it to maintain a footprint at the Nav Centre, which has been for sale for several years. 
The Gatineau Valley provides several business opportunities for acquisitions, partnerships, new outlets or business launches.
“It all depends on what the community wants there and what we can actually achieve. There’s a lot of potential to this site.”
Multimillionaire Gatineau businessman Olivier Benloulou has become a significant investor and trusted adviser as young firm looks to crack retail market in 2022.