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  • Keep calm and stay invested

    Rolling the dice

    What is a reasonable expected return from your portfolio?

  • As good as gold

    Having hit record highs this year, breaking the US$2,000 per ounce mark, gold is drawing a lot of attention and sparking questions from the average investor as to whether they should have gold in…

  • Leading in a VUCA world

    Trust-building starts with a leader’s ability to listen, connect, and cultivate empathy with people.

  • Creating a compassionate workplace

    This pandemic has affected everyone. Every aspect of our life seems to have been disrupted. The workplace is a key area in which significant changes have occurred and will continue to evolve.

  • Zombie deeds: The undead of the real estate world

    Fittingly, during the initial onset of the current COVID-19 pandemic – which began in a similar fashion to the way zombie plagues often seem to get their start in the movies – a new case from the…

  • BDC at the service of local entrepreneurs

    After 76 years of existence, BDC's role remains unchanged: To support entrepreneurs and create prosperity by providing the support they need to achieve their ambitions.