Ottawa real estate agent Thom Fountain has clearly found the ticket to giving back to his community.
By Bernie Forestell If you’ve ever been a victim of crime, there’s one basic truth; in an instant, your life changes forever.
Are you ready for a truth bomb? Fundraising professionals were burnt out before the pandemic.
Logan Hussein is not someone who takes “no” for an answer.
The 215 bodies found at a residential school in BC has fueled renewed interest and support for Indigenous-led and informed causes. But will it result in lasting, sustainable change?
Tobias Lütke and Fiona McKean founded the charity in 2019.
Violence against women has been on the rise throughout the pandemic, which means Shelter Movers, a national charitable organization with a chapter in Ottawa, has been handling a record number of re
Though donors were hesitant to give amid stock market fluctuations through spring 2020, things rapidly rebounded.
John Laframboise started his career at Kelly Funeral Homes by Arbour Memorial washing cars.