Video: Tackling the sports tech market with FanShare

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For even the most avid fan, the idea of building a business around sports technology may seem like it's coming out of left field. Yet the industry built around loyal, passionate fans – especially those that take it to fantasy sports world – holds immense market opportunity for companies such as FanShare Sports.

FanShare founder and CEO joined Techopia Live to discuss how his unique daily fantasy sports tool is solving players' pain points and the positive response from users and the industry. Fresh off the Professional Golf Association's prestigious (and hectic) Masters tournament, he discussed how the platform's sentiment ranking tool for PGA and NFL players is helping users differentiate their lineups and steamline what can be an overwhelming process. Comparing the process to the stock market, he talks about how phenomena like recency bias can affect a player's, or an investor's, picks.

Aiming for a market that sees a total of seven million daily users, among them 170,000 who registered to play fantasy golf contests just this past weekend on Draft Kings, hear how Rutherford plans to grow his base as one of Ottawa's most ambitious players in the game.