University of Ottawa to house international photonics centre

The University of Ottawa signed a memorandum of understanding Tuesday with the Max Planck Society that will see the third Max Planck Centre in North America established on the downtown campus.

Named after the Nobel Prize-winning German physicist credited with being the founder of quantum theory, the Max Planck Society is known around the world for its research in photonics.

“Deepening our ties means we will foster greater scientific exchange, produce highly qualified people and develop solutions to real-world problems,” the university’s vice-president of research, Mona Nemer, said in a statement.

Research at the Max Planck-University of Ottawa Centre for Extreme and Quantum Photonics will explore the development of very high intensity laser sources, optical methods for quantum information science for use in secure data transmission over optical fibre systems and the fabrication of devices for use in classical and quantum photonics.

On top of that, the partnership will allow young researchers in Canada and Germany the opportunity to take part in international exchanges, exposing them to different scientific cultures early on in their careers.