Techopia Live: John Proctor of Martello

Microsoft 365 and Teams have become essential to most companies, especially given the reality of remote work. So what happens when these platforms become unstable or don't work? Enter Martello Technologies, longtime specialist in monitoring and debugging IT networks. The Ottawa-based software maker, publicly traded on the TSX Venture exchange, is undergoing a pivot to grow its client base and revenues. Martello CEO John Proctor speaks with Techopia Live host Michael Curran in this episode.

This is an edited transcript of the beginning of that conversation. For the full episode, check out the full video or podcast.

OBJ: Hello, I'm Michael Curran, from the Ottawa Business Journal. Welcome to "Techopia Live". This is a regular podcast from OBJ that features the next generation technology companies, plus we keep you updated on the established players. We're doing that today, by the way, all with a goal of keeping you informed about the local technology sector. In today's episode, we talk with a technology company that's been on the radar at both OBJ, and Techopia for several years. It's one of Ottawa's few publicly traded technology companies. Its backstory involves none other than Sir Terence Matthews, and these days it's undergoing a very significant pivot to capitalize on a technology platform that's become way more important in the pandemic and as we kind of adopt remote work. Now let's welcome our guest here is the CEO of Martello Technologies. Please welcome, John Proctor. Hello, John.

JP: Hi Michael, thank you for having me.

OBJ: I'm excited. Like many companies these days, John, you're undergoing some changes, some that in part were influenced by the pandemic as I noted. But before we talk about Martello Technologies, I want to get to know you a little bit better. So give us a short bio.

JP: From my accent, you can probably gather I'm not an Ottawa native. I wasn't born here. I'm somebody who chose to be here. I served in the British military, and then the Canadian military, leaving in 2010. So like many folks in Ottawa, I'm a veteran. I joined a company called CGI, and did my sort of post-military business apprenticeship with those guys and grew up that way. And by then, as you mentioned, I'd met Sir Terry Matthews. And when Terry was looking for a CEO for Martello, he asked me if I would be interested in taking that on.

OBJ: I want to make sure as we get into the weeds on Martello the people have a sense of what the company does. So can you give us your up-to-date elevator pitch on Martello, John?

JP: Overall, we deliver software that monitors the user experience of communications, collaboration and productivity tools. And we've got two real focuses. We have a focus on the world's leading cloud communication platform, Microsoft Teams. And the one that started Martello, and brought Martello into being, is our relationship with Mitel. A lot of IT guys really look and say they're working with a blindfold on. How do I deliver these services to users as best I can to allow people to be as productive as possible? And it can be any number of issues. We want to give as much visibility to the IT team to solve those problems quickly as possible. You mentioned our pivot, and our change. The new product called Vantage DX is the software that gives a complete end-to-end view of what what's happening in that Office 365 space. So people can spot any root causes and fix them quickly. And ideally without the user even knowing there's been a problem.

This is an edited transcript of the beginning of this conversation. For the full episode, check out the full video or podcast.

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