Techopia Live: Ottawa startup saving online storefronts from data oblivion

It’s the week before Christmas, at the height of the holiday shopping rush. The owner of an SME logs onto his store to find it’s all gone; an app integration with the Shopify platform deleted the products and data on the online storefront.

Shopify has it backed up on the cloud, but it’s not readily accessible. Christmas is ruined – until he hits Rewind. In an instant,’s e-commerce data backup brings the store back to life, just as it was. The miracle of accessible, secure data storage on the cloud saves Christmas for this small business.

That really happened, says CEO and co-founder Mike Potter, who joined Techopia Live to talk about’s solution for e-commerce data storage.

The company provides an accessible backup for online storefronts. While companies such as Shopify do backup data on the cloud, it’s not immediately accessible, Potter says. If a product is deleted or a change was made, it’s not a simple matter to click a button and restore it to a moment in time.’s backups let that happen.

“Not a lot of people realize that store owners don’t have access to the data that Shopify or BigCommerce or WordPress are backing up for them in those online platforms,” Potter told Techopia Live.

“What Rewind is doing is giving the power back to the shop owner to be able to take control of their data.”

Once it’s installed, the product will run in the background and keep a steady record of the storefront’s data. No need to make a manual backup.

The firm, launched two years ago, has grown every month in net revenue and customer base. Going forward, may take more use of the data it is backing up, analyzing it for image and SEO suggestions, or recognizing when a storefront is down and suggesting immediate fixes.

“I don’t really know what we’ll be doing next year, but we’ll be backing up more platforms,” Potter says.

To hear Potter’s thoughts on the value of controlling your SME’s data, watch the interview above.