New deadline established for competition to design navy's new warships

Warship mock-up for illustrational purposes only.

Defence companies and shipbuilders competing to design Canada's new fleet of warships have been given until Nov. 17 to submit their proposals.

It's the third such deadline for the design competition, which is the most recent – and arguably most politically sensitive – phase in the entire $60-billion plan to build 15 warships.

Participating firms were originally supposed to have submitted their designs for the new vessels in April, but that deadline was pushed back to June before disappearing entirely.

The question now is how many submissions the government will receive, whether any will meet the navy's requirements, and when the winning design will be selected.

Changes to the evaluation process have been made in case none of the designs match up with what Canada needs in its new warships, which will replace the navy's 12 frigates and three destroyers.

Meanwhile, time is of the essence because any delay in the construction schedule would push up costs and force the navy to operate its current warships longer than has been planned.