Former mayor Larry O’Brien calls on Hydro Ottawa to show flexibility to small businesses

Larry O'Brien
Former Ottawa mayor Larry O'Brien (OBJ file photo by Etienne Ranger)

Former Ottawa mayor Larry O’Brien has penned an open letter to Hydro Ottawa chair Jim Durrell, calling on the city-owned utility to show more leniency to local businesses struggling to pay their electricity bills amid the pandemic.

Specifically, O’Brien is asking Hydro Ottawa to immediately stop disconnecting power to small businesses as well as waive all penalties and interest accrued on their accounts. He’s also suggesting that Hydro Ottawa amortize outstanding account balances over at least 12 months, starting in 2022.

“It is difficult to keep a family run small business afloat at the best of times,” O’Brien wrote in his letter to Durrell. “I hope you will act on our request immediately before one more family run small business in Ottawa is forced out of business by your organization.”