Five NCC houses slated for demolition

Contractors are invited to bid on demolishing five derelict and abandoned houses that the National Capital Commission owns in the west end of Ottawa.

Local firms are expected to minimize waste and energy use while decommissioning the properties and infrastructure, state bid documents on procurement site Merx.

These houses form part of a portfolio of some 240 NCC residential properties that the commission owns with the intention of “renaturalizing” the areas, said Mary Ann Waterston, director of real estate management at the NCC.

Houses owned by the NCC are generally in the Greenbelt area and Gatineau Park and were generally purchased with the intent of preserving greenspace.

While Ms. Waterston did not have specific dates on hand for when these particular houses were bought, she said the NCC began the practice of buying up properties in the 1960s and continues to do so today.

The NCC leases out the houses and performs periodic assessments of the dwelling conditions. Once the house requires extensive work such as a roof replacement, the NCC terminates the lease and puts the building on a list for demolition.

“The intent is they would be demolished at the end of their lifecycle (to) return the land,” she says.

Prior to demolition, parts inside the house are recycled as much as possible. Habitat for Humanity is invited to remove countertops, doors and similar items for resale to its clients.

The properties are:

- 4052 Old Richmond Rd.

- 3836 Carling Ave.

- 2675 (529) Robertson Rd.

- 2835 (649) Robertson Rd.

- 27 Moodie Dr.