Canadian Heritage seeks supplier for 1.75M hand-held flags

Stock image, for illustrative purposes only.

Printers in Ottawa looking for a chance to prove their national pride have more than a million mini opportunities to do so: Canadian Heritage is searching for a company to provide a year’s supply of hand-held Canadian flags.

The federal department needs a supplier for a minimum of 1.75 million, three-by-six-inch flags attached to sticks. They also must be glossy.

Canadian Heritage says the flags will be distributed at celebratory events. The first shipment of minimum 500,000 flags must be delivered by Oct. 17, which could very well be an arbitrary date, but it’s also the day recreational cannabis is set to become legal across the country.

The bid is for a standing offer supply agreement, with a maximum of two successful applicants.

Interested parties have until July 31 to submit a bid and let their glossy flags fly.