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  • Buridan’s Mule: Personal finance edition

    Buridan’s Mule is an illustration of the challenge that free choice poses. A mule is stationed at an equal distance from both a pail of water and stack of hay.

  • Bears and bounces and biases…oh my!

    The markets dropped more than 30 per cent in March as uncertainty about the health and economic impact around COVID-19 peaked and before the economic support programs were flushed out.

  • Extradition from Canada: How does it work?

    The recent arrest and extradition request against a senior executive of Huawei has created some interest in an area of law that has generally flown under the radar.

  • COVID-19 and the return to work

    As the COVID-19 curve starts to flatten and political leaders start discussing the possibility of lifting restrictions, workplaces across the province of Ontario are preparing for the day when they