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  • Where is the value in condominium fees?

    For more than 30 years, I’ve been helping clients buy and sell property in Ottawa’s central neighbourhoods, and I can remember the days when condo ownership was still a relatively rare…

  • MPAC assessment vs. market value: a guide

    As a Realtor who has helped hundreds of Ottawa clients buy their first homes over the past three decades, I sometimes hear from clients after they receive their first MPAC assessment…

  • Why Drupal matters

    Enterprise adoption of one of the world’s largest open source projects is more important today than ever
  • Learning digital transformation from the Amish

    How digital thinking like the Amish can lead to more engaged employees, more strategic use of technology and a competitive advantage in deep work for your organization

  • Tax time – the five Ws

    In part one I talked about the three different business types and CRA’s (tax) requirements of each, including what financial…

  • Tax time – do you get it?

    Are you a new, or perhaps confused, business owner who isn’t clear on what Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) requires at tax time?