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Become a recognized author, demonstrate your expertise and harness the SEO power of a well-crafted expert blog.

What are expert blogs?

  • An excellent opportunity for professional service providers who want to demonstrate their expertise to OBJ’s 65,000+ online readers and an average 40,000 impressions per week
  • Blog is posted to with company name, author name, and photo
  • PLUS, every blog is included for one week on OBJToday email newsletter, extending audience to another 9,000 to 10,000 readers
  • Blog is archived indefinitely on website, which is SEO optimized, often leading to continued readership for months and years after campaign
  • Blog authors are encouraged to post link to their social media channels and benefit from the credibility of OBJ

What makes an expert blog so powerful?

Expert blogs can stand in as key informational resources on a specific topic or issue faced by your target group.  An effective blog can have a lasting legacy by offering searchable information and establish your expertise directly to your potential clients.

Strong problem-solution oriented headlines with well-reasoned and digestible information can act as a powerful persuasion tool AND establish trust with a future client.  

Why post a blog on

We offer a unique chance to expert bloggers to publish your content on our website.  This can improve your SEO, your searchability and credibility as a recognized author on our site. Our secure and professionally managed website uses a Google-optimized Drupal 8 CMS and with more than 15 years worth of content development, referrals and community engagement. Plus, you get to reach our engaged audience with your content.

Immediate feedback, lasting influence

Expert blogs are initially featured in the high-visibility "Expert bloggers" navigation bar on section landing and article pages on  Beyond the initial feature, a blogs are archived on the website, often seeing years of traffic, far beyond the expected lifecycle of a content piece.

For example, in August of 2015, Michael Citrome, an Ottawa-based tax lawyer, published an expert blog to the website, "Moving Provinces? Avoid a surprise Tax Bill".  Within its first month of publication, the blog saw 78 page views. Over the next two and half years, the blog raked up an additional 11,502 page views, receiving an outstanding 6 minute, 19 second average read time.  

Like some other marketing mediums, expert blogs often act as long lasting branding and lead generation tools

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