Talent Summit 2022

The Ottawa Talent Summit is a unique opportunity for stakeholders in the region's talent ecosystem to come together and discuss this vital economic issue. The development, attraction and retention of talent is a major part of Ottawa's Economic Recovery and Rebound Strategy. This one-day conference will explore emerging trends, best practices from employers and how Ottawa's economic partners are supporting our business community and planning for the future. Get connected. Get educated. Get Inspired.

The conference also includes the Best Places to Work Awards Cocktail.

Who should attend?
  • Employers
  • Business and Community Leaders
  • Educational Partners
  • Employment Services
  • Employment and HR Lawyers
  • Human Resource Consultants
Why should you come?
  • Learn about emerging trends and how you can leverage them to grow your business
  • Meet and interact with fellow business people and community leaders
  • Create new opportunities and contribute to important conversations about our future
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