Readiness and Resilience in the Age of Disruption

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Providing a high-level forum for business leaders, law enforcement, public and private security practitioners

We are witnessing an unprecedented increase in the number and significance of disruptive events. These events comprised of, but are not limited to, natural disasters, cyber disruptions, migration crises, terrorism, random acts of violence, and the impact of emerging technologies, including artificial intelligence.  Globally, all levels of government, the private sector, and communities at large are seeking solutions to this rapidly evolving threat environment.  The expanding threat envelope will require corporate and public sector leaders to integrate their enterprise risk management policies and practices.

The conference is intended to provide a high-level forum for corporate executives to engage with security intelligence, law enforcement, academia, public and private security and risk management practitioners.  Accordingly, we have brought together renowned subject matter experts from Canada and the international community. Together we will examine emerging and exigent threats, and consider new strategies to address safety and security challenges of the 21st century. 

Your organisation has a responsibility to assure its stakeholders that it is prepared to meet and mitigate these emerging threats.  It is important that your organization is represented at this Conference to ensure its concerns inform the discussions.

Read the OBJ's preview of the event here.

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