Ottawa Real Estate Forum

The 24th annual Ottawa Real Estate Forum will continue the tradition of providing valuable insights on the market trends, issues, strategies, and opportunities in Canada’s National Capital Region.

Discussion will focus on what is facilitating growth in Canada’s sixth largest real estate market and how it is continuing to perform from a leasing, investment and development perspective.

The program in Ottawa will offer a range of panel discussions and sessions on the office market in the National Capital Region; the federal government’s real estate strategies in this market; the increasing range of development activity; how the retail, industrial, apartment and condominium markets are performing; and what smaller landlords and entrepreneurs are doing to grow and maintain the value of their assets.

Discussion will also focus on what engines of the local economy are creating job growth and real estate demand in the Ottawa market.

The Forum program will be targeted to meet the needs of real estate executives, brokers, developers, investors, asset managers, and other professionals active in the acquisition, leasing, financing, management, and marketing of office, industrial, retail, and multi-unit residential real estate.

The Ottawa Real Estate Forum will help you determine what strategies to follow for 2019 and beyond.

Note that the registration fee is lower than other comparable events. The Ottawa Real Estate Forum fits virtually every organization’s or individual’s budget.

We hope you will take advantage of this informative event and related networking opportunities.

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