HRPA Ottawa law workshop: Bridging the gap – Cross-border business challenge and solutions

For Canadian HR practitioners to issue spot critical differences between Canadian and U.S. employment, corporate, and immigration law.

This full-day workshop will address U.S. and Canadian topics, which will speak to what to look for when your Canadian business is growing into or doing business with the U.S. Key learning objectives will include understanding the differences between law, rules and requirements in each country; knowing how to avoid problems and recommended solutions for your business and its employees; and identifying and utilizing tips and tricks for being proactive instead of reactive. Topics covered will include Employment, Immigration, Corporate, and Tax/Accounting. 


Melanie Polowin and Vincent Miranda will be covering the critical differences in Canadian and U.S. employment law during all aspects of the employment life cycle, including but not limited to recruiting, background checks and drug testing, hiring, employment, termination, and post-termination.


Beth Klarin and Betsy Kane will address what to look for when your Canadian business and/or its employees are growing into or doing business in both the U.S. and Canada. Topics will include traveling as a business visitor; understanding work authorization options and overcoming challenges; strategic business planning for cross-border growth; key differences between the U.S. and Canadian immigration systems; and tips for traveling smoothly and avoiding immigration-related problems.


Thomas J. Keable and Randall Timm will address corporate and tax considerations relevant to a Canadian Company's engagement of U.S. personnel that HR managers will find useful to know and that will assist them in optimally structuring those engagements, including but not limited to: the Canada-U.S. Tax Treaty, avoiding double taxation, what is a "Permanent Establishment"?, what are the consequences of having a "PE"?, state registrations and filings, state sales tax basics, and Intellectual Property issues.


8 am l Registration and Breakfast
8:45 am l Introduction
9 to 10:30 am l  Employment law
10:30  to 10:45 am l Break
10:45 to 12 am l U.S. Corporate and Tax/Accounting
12  to 1 pm l  Lunch
1 to 2 pm l  Immigration Part 1
2  to 2:15 pm l  Break
2:15 to 3:15 pm l  Immigration Part 1

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