Intouch makes subscription-based software that uses artificial intelligence to help retailers and other business track how well they’re interacting with their customers.
An Ottawa company that develops mobile communications satellite systems has inked a five-year contract with one of its reselling partners that could be worth up to US$2 million.
The firm’s 30 employees, most of whom are in engineering roles, are expected to remain in Ottawa
Both firms have a sizable presence in Ottawa.
Tehama is a SaaS platform aimed at enterprise clients that rely on numerous freelancers, remote workers and third-party vendors.
Firm is banking on its fiscal 2018 will soon be little more than a bad memory.
Federal government poised to become 'a large reference customer' for Ottawa tech firm.
Firm currently has 30 staff members locally and plans to add a further 15 employees.
Ottawa tech firm develops customer experience software for the likes of General Motors and the Beer Store.
When a missile gets within striking distance of a drone, it explodes, frying the potentially sensitive information on the hardware and deploying a latex cloud that snares the drone’s propellers and…