Dave Virk, whose family owns and operates a supermarket in the town west of Ottawa, has purchased the deep-fried snack franchise from previous owners Brent and Linda Bistrisky.
Smiths Falls company continues to expand its eastern Ontario footprint with latest deal.
Philip Ling is using trailblazing green design and construction techniques to create a ‘show-stopper’ on the shores of the St. Lawrence Seaway.
The firm’s drug analysis system identifies the unique chemical 'fingerprints' of various substances and can detect the presence of dangerous contaminants such as fentanyl.
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Beloved building – which has garnered a reputation as one of the largest instrument stores in Renfrew County and beyond – will soon host a cannabis shop as well.
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Cornwall-based electronics manufacturer has used a lean enterprise approach to help build 10,000 respirators in three months – and the rest of Canada is taking notice
Agreement will see 30 million masks delivered to the federal government and 25 million to Ontario each year for the next five years.
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