Best Ottawa Business Awards

Best Ottawa Business Awards honours leading local companies
With thousands of visitors set to flock to Ottawa for this month's Grey Cup festivities, it was only fitting that the man who did more than anyone else to bring the championship game to t
10 p.m.: John Ruddy reflects on a lifetime of achievements To close the evening, Trinity Group founder John Ruddy took to the podium to reflect on his career and pay t
The man who did more than perhaps anyone else to bring CFL football in Ottawa back from the dead can’t remember a time when the game wasn’t part of his life.
If it’s possible to sum up a person’s essence in a single image, Sandra Cote just might have done it with her photo of Kevin Ford.
After leading one of Ottawa’s largest publicly traded corporations through a string of acquisitions, its largest contract win in its 35-year history and a record $275 million in revenues
It’s a rare entrepreneur whose name alone would be enough to convince some of Ottawa’s most astute businessmen to pour their hard-earned dollars into bringing CFL football back to the cap
The Ottawa Business Journal and Ottawa Chamber of Commerce are once again preparing to recognize the city’s top corporate performers.
Michael Potter, who transformed an Ottawa software company into a billion-dollar enterprise, was recognized for his decades of business
Amid the celebrations Thursday night at the Westin Hotel, where more than two dozen local residents and companies were feted at the Best Ottawa Business A