Techopia Live: Capital Angel Network investments hit $4.1M in 2020

Investor focus broadening to include more biotech, cleantech opportunities

Take a close look at any list of Ottawa’s hottest startups and you’ll see a common thread connecting many of the city’s most promising firms.

The Capital Angel Network invests millions of dollars in early stage companies each year and closed 2020 riding a wave of momentum.

Last year, the group invested $4.1 million in 20 companies, primarily in the National Capital Region. That investment volume is approximately 80 per cent of 2019’s total – a considerable achievement, considering the disruption caused by the pandemic.

With a new year underway, what’s the angel investment outlook in Ottawa? What opportunities are investors looking for? And how can entrepreneurs position themselves to attract funding?

Watch the video above to explore these questions with Nolan Beanlands, the executive director of the Capital Angel Network, and numbercrunch co-founder Susan Richards.

2020 Capital Angel Network investments in Ottawa companies:

  • AuditMap
  • Cheetah Networks
  • Dunia Pay
  • GoFor
  • GreenRe
  • Heirlume
  • Hoppier
  • Incuvers
  • Masterpiece Studio
  • MASV
  • Neurovine
  • Raven.AI
  • Realize Medical
  • Rewind
  • Spiderwort
  • Virica Biotech
  • Xialla