Ottawa’s C-COM lands $1M from Canadian Space Agency

Leslie Klein
C-COM chief executive Leslie Klein

A local satellite technology firm says it will receive $1 million over the next two years from a federal agency to help fund the development of the next generation of its antenna technology.

C-COM Satellite Systems (TSX-V: CMI) develops, manufactures and deploys commercial satellite antenna technology that enables high-speed Internet, VoIP and video services. It’s particularly focused on remote areas, such as the far north in Canada and Russia as well as deserts in Australia and Saudi Arabia.

The new antenna technology will be capable of tracking multiple satellites simultaneously and be more energy efficient and cheaper than current systems.

“(The funding) will take us a step closer towards the completion of the design, testing and manufacturing of an affordable intelligent antenna system capable of supporting the latest constellation of satellites, which will play a significant role in delivering high speed broadband solutions to global mobile satellite communication markets,” C-COM president and CEO Leslie Klein said in a statement.