Ottawa’s Edgewater Wireless unveils Wi-Fi location tracking tech


Edgewater Wireless, an Ottawa-based provider of high-density Wi-Fi networks, says its latest tech can identify and track devices moving through a wireless coverage area, providing useful data for operators.

Artificial Intelligence Radar, or AIR as Edgewater calls it, uses software from tech partner Galgus and algorithms to detect and track Wi-Fi enabled devices as they enter an access point’s area.

If someone with a smartphone walks into a building with a network using AIR, the network operator will receive locational data. Phones, laptops or tablets don’t need to connect to the network itself to enable the tech.

Edgewater notes in a release that data collected through AIR can be used for asset tracking, surveillance and security, but highlights network optimization as a primary use.

Say a business deploys a Wi-Fi network throughout its entire building, but AIR’s tracking data reveals that most activity is contained in a single room. The business could then add a dedicated or improved access point for areas of high traffic to ensure a smoother connection for users.

Edgewater Wireless caters to businesses with high-density network demands. The firm landed a deal with U.S. grocery chain Kroger earlier this year to enable the company’s smart-shopping apps.