Techopia Live: WOBOT award-winner InGenius talks the tech it ‘bet the farm’ on

What exactly does it mean when that voice on the other end of the line says, “your call may be recorded for quality purposes”?

Techopia Live sat down with Kanata’s InGenius, the software developers that recently won the West Ottawa Board of Trade’s annual technology award, to find out how their telephone tech helps high-profile clients such as LinkedIn, Expedia and the Gap.

InGenius, which has operated in Kanata North for more than two decades, develops software that ties existing phone systems into CRMs such as Salesforce. The result is that clients’ operators have a detailed profile of customers before they pick up the phone, and calls are automatically recorded and logged with helpful details for management – in other words, quality purposes.

“It’s vastly important for customers who want to make their call centres more efficient and improve their customer service,” CEO Dale Gantous told Techopia Live.

Though InGenius is nearing 60 employees today, the firm had modest beginnings in the ’90s as a professional services provider focused on recruitment at Nortel, which was then Ottawa’s biggest telecom player. Gantous says the eventual fall of Nortel meant a need to diversify into new industries.

“At that point we tried to get into government consulting but it really wasn’t in our blood. The high tech industry was in our blood,” she said.

The firm decided to take the expertise it had built up in telecom and develop its own software. Working closely on new APIs for Salesforce itself, InGenius found a complementary product in computer-telephony integration and, as Gantous describes it, “decided to bet the farm on that.”

Now more than 20 years into the industry and still growing, the farm at InGenius seems to be doing just fine.