Sakto proposes three extra floors for planned 25-storey tower at Preston Square

Sakto's 2017 renderings for a 25-storey residential tower at its Preston Square site.
Editor's Note

This story originally said the developer plans to add five additional stories to its initial 25-storey proposal. In fact, the revised application calls for three additional storeys.

An Ottawa real estate firm has revised its plans for a major addition to its Little Italy property, adding three floors and nearly 60 units to its previous proposal to build a 25-storey residential tower at Preston Square.

Council approved Sakto Corp.’s original plan in 2017 that included a new highrise residential building at Preston Square at 333, 343 and 347 Preston St. The proposal also called for a one-storey addition to the top of an existing eight-storey residential building on nearby Aberdeen Street.

That plan proposed a total of 22 new units for the Aberdeen Street building and 175 units in the Preston Square tower.

In a revised application recently filed with the city, Sakto says it now wants to add another three floors to the 25-storey highrise, boosting the total number of units in the tower to 232. The developer says the proposal will still be within the 148-metre height limit for the site. The new plan includes a full floor of amenities such as a gym and lounge on the 27th floor as well as additional amenity spaces on lower levels. 

Located just south of the Queensway, the existing Preston Square development includes a pair of 11-storey office towers, the eight-storey residential building on Aberdeen Street and a four-storey commercial building. The five-acre site features a mix of office space, apartments, restaurants, bars and other commercial enterprises as well as underground parking for more than 1,000 vehicles.