Rachel Caven, nutritionist and clinic director, Caven Nutrition Group

2017 Forty Under 40 recipient
Rachel Caven

Age: 33

Birthplace: Ottawa

Company: We provide customers with personalized nutrition programs.

Education: Bachelor of science honours degree in biomedical sciences, University of Guelph (2006)

Charitable involvement: Ottawa Food Bank

Biggest biz achievement: Opening my own office with a retail space and hiring three nutritionists.

Biggest obstacle: Overcoming people’s perception of single moms. I've had two business coaches, on separate occasions, tell me that I couldn't do what I wanted to do because I am a single mom.  In reality, my son is why I am successful – when you have no backup plan, you make it work! I am so glad I didn't listen to them.

Biggest influence: My mom. I don't know anyone who works harder than her. She runs a business and a farm and has raised five awesome kids. She is my biggest fan and has never once doubted me.  

Biggest lesson learned: Trust your gut – it's never wrong. The one time I went against my gut feeling to hire someone, it didn't work out. When you follow your gut, your co-workers and employees (and sometimes clients) become like family. If it's not a “hell yes,” it's a no!  

First job: Veterinary assistant

Advice I’d give the younger me: You don't have to have everything planned out. Just jump in and you will figure it out. Plans don't always go the way you want them to anyway.  

What’s left to do: I want to help more people – professionally by adding more programs and locations and personally but volunteering more with women.   

Favourite pastime: Hiking or biking in the summer; skating in the winter

I’m currently reading: The Secret Life of Fat by Sylvia Tara

Favourite movie: Elf

Favourite song: Anything by Dave Matthews Band

Favourite local pro sports team: Ottawa RedBlacks

Favourite local summer event: CityFolk

Preferred social media platforms: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram

Company Twitter handle: @Caven_Nutrition