Planning committee OKs Potter's Key subdivision

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A controversial subdivision proposal for Stittsville passed the planning committee hurdle on Tuesday.

But faced with neighbours’ concerns about a traffic surge, speeding vehicles, construction hubbub and townhouses backing onto single-family homes, Potter’s Key developer Minto is bound to a few changes.

The planning committee unanimously approved the plan, but with these amendments:

– A temporary construction access road will link directly to Hazeldean Road, preventing any heavy duty vehicles from cutting through the existing neighbourhood.   – Only single-detached dwellings will be permitted to back onto existing single-family homes.

The plan still does not include a direct route to Hazeldean Road, which is an arterial route. But city staff say that once an adjacent southern parcel of land is developed, it will include a road that connects both properties to Hazeldean.

The next step is for council to vote on the plan.

This article originally appeared on on Feb. 23.