Ottawa’s Spartan Bioscience putting DNA testing tech to early Alzheimer’s detection

Spartan Bioscience CEO Paul Lem. File photo

An Ottawa tech firm is putting its unique DNA testing capabilities towards detecting early indicators of Alzheimer’s disease.

Spartan Bioscience announced Wednesday a partnership with the Global Alzheimer’s Platform Foundation to help recruit for clinical trials targeting the chronic neurodegenerative disease.

Spartan, known for its distinctive DNA testing cube, has developed a genetic pre-screening test capable of detecting whether subjects carry a particular gene variation that puts them at higher risk of developing Alzheimer’s. According to a release, these individuals might be “ideal clinical trial candidates” for research on the disease.

Through the announced partnership, Spartan will also contribute $5 from each sale of its pre-screening test towards GAP’s transportation program, which providers Alzheimer’s clinical trial participants with rides to and from their appointments.

Spartan notes that its test is currently cleared for research uses only, not diagnosis.