Ottawa Senators group named as Shefford Park preferred proponent

A group that includes the Ottawa Senators hockey club has been named by city staff as the preferred proponent for a multi ice pad arena public-private partnership.

In April, the city said the arena would be finished by fall 2013, but a release Tuesday indicated the ice pads would be ready in fall 2014.

Ottawa Community Ice Partners has been selected as the preferred proponent to build the facility at Shefford Park. The arena is intended to enhance the nearly three-decade-old Potvin Arena, which was approved for $4.3 million in upgrades through 2014.

OCIP, the city stated, is planning to put four ice pads in the facility. The release added the matter would be discussed at the finance and economic development committee on Monday. 

If approved by council in mid-September, city staff will commence negotiations with OCIP and will make a recommendation on whether to proceed by the end of the year.

Financial terms of the deal are expected to be worked out in these negotiations, including the total cost and the exact details of what each partner will be responsible for.

The city chose last spring to proceed through a public-private partnership, and issued a request for proposals that includes a minimum of two ice pads, a 25-year partnership and no service disruption. At the time, cost estimates for the arena ranged between $18 million and $28 million.

OCIP's members include the Ottawa Senators hockey club, Ottawa Senators alumni and Morley Hoppner Group.