Ottawa-based Touchplow app can't wait for winter

While most people are hoping to delay the first snowfall of the season, an Ottawa-based app is hoping to see snow flying as soon as possible.

Touchplow helps make the transition into the snowy months a little easier launched last year, and had a great first year. That surprised even the app’s developers, because last winter was warmer than usual.

“Last year the app did remarkably well,” says Dan Rogall, the creative director in charge of marketing and branding for Touchplow . “When we started, no one knew about us. After the first snowstorm last year, the app was picked up nationally. By the end of the winter we got up to 6,000 likes on Facebook.”

The Uber-style app allows users to connect with experienced snowplow professionals nearby. It is free to download and allows for specification on what to clear, when, what equipment is needed and ideal budgets.

“The price depends on how large your lot is,” says Rogall . “Pricing is based on an algorithm but if you want the snow cleared quickly, you can pay a premium price and that speeds up the process.”

Meteorologists expect this winter could be snowier than previous years, because of the La Nina effect.

Touchplow is hoping to streamline the app and get more people involved in providing services.

“The biggest problem we faced last year was that there tended to be a larger demand on the app than there were workers,” Rogall adds. “This year we’re planning on opening it up to people who own snow blowers and want to make some extra money.”

This article orginally appeared in Metro News.