Ottawa-based Senstar’s fence-mounted sensors approved for U.S. Air Force use

Senstar's fencing and sensor equipment at its 10-acre testing site in Carp. (File photo by Mark Holleron)

Made-in-Ottawa perimeter security systems may soon top the fences at American air force bases thanks to Senstar’s latest certification.

The U.S. Air Force has cleared Senstar’s FlexZone tech to protect critical assets at bases worldwide. FlexZone, a fence-mounted intrusion detection sensor, joins Senstar’s microwave-based and buried cable intrusion detection systems on the air force’s exclusive approved equipment list.

Any U.S. air base across the world could now opt to choose Senstar’s FlexZone when replacing or upgrading perimeter security. Senstar’s tech is currently installed at more than 100 air force sites including airfields, maintenance areas and bases.

A Senstar spokesperson tells Techopia that the latest certification could lead to similar deals in the future. There’s additional value in landing the enormous defense department’s seal of approval, she adds, which validates Senstar’s tech for other military customers.

Senstar, which operates the largest private test facility of its kind in the world out on Carp Road, has been based in Ottawa for more than 35 years.