Morley Hoppner receives committee rezoning approval for Kanata condos

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City councillors have taken the first step towards rezoning the site of a contentious seven-storey condominium proposed for the Beaverbrook neighbourhood west of downtown Ottawa.

By Mark Brownlee.

Builder Morley Hoppner had initially asked the city to permit a 16-storey building at 2 The Parkway, but soon backed down in the face of significant opposition from local residents.

Councillors on the city’s planning committee, which is responsible for approving changes to how high buildings are allowed to go, agreed to rezone the property Monday after the firm changed their proposal to a seven-storey building.

The builder had initially appealed to the provincial body that has the power to overturn city planning decisions, the Ontario Municipal Board, on the grounds that they didn’t receive a response in a timely manner.

However officials with Morley Hoppner indicated they would withdraw the appeal if the committee approved the seven-storey building, according to city documents.

The application for rezoning will now go to city council.