Molson Coors replaces Kichesippi, Clocktower as Ottawa Champions beer partner

Beer baseball
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The beer vendor at Ottawa Champions games this summer will be hocking cans of Coors Light rather than Kichesippi Heller Highwater, as the local ball club has announced a new beverage sponsor for the 2018 season.

The Ottawa Champions said this week that Molson Coors will become the official beer partner for the Can-Am League ball team, replacing incumbent local brewers Kichesippi Beer Co. and Clocktower as providers at RGCT Park. The deal gives Molson Coors exclusive rights on beer sales in the stadium.

A press release also stated that craft beers will continue to be sold at the stadium, though Champions spokesperson Michael Nellis told OBJ that only Molson Coors’ craft beers, radlers and ciders will be available.

The new partnership may come with a couple perks, as the release indicated Molson Coors may use its position in numerous Ottawa bars to run special promotions for the Champions, though no specifics were given.