Maximus Canada opens 22,000-sq-ft contact centre in Ottawa

contact centre

A government service provider has set up shop in Ottawa to run a sizeable contact centre in the National Capital Region.

Maximus Canada announced earlier this week it has opened a new contact centre at 250 Tremblay Rd. in Ottawa, next door to the Via Rail station. The firm has contact centres across Canada to help deliver government services, such as administering claims made through the Ontario Drug Benefit Program.

The company said in a release that its new 22,000-square-foot contact centre has workstations for 300 employees at a time. A Maximus spokesperson confirmed via email that the firm is already operating at or near capacity.

“Ottawa is a strategically important location to serve a diverse range of government clients,” said Maximus President Deborah Shera in statement. “With this new location, Maximus is positioned for growth both in Ontario and beyond.”