Lockheed Martin establishes Canadian HQ in Ottawa

Defence firm Lockheed Martin Canada is opening a new corporate headquarters office in downtown Ottawa to provide a single point of contact for all clients within the country, the company announced Thursday.

The new office is within the TD tower in the World Exchange Plaza on O’Connor Street and will hold two to three employees responsible for responding to questions from customers and being the go-to contact for subcontractors in Canada.

“The (Canadian) government needs to have somewhere to turn to when they have questions,” said Lockheed Martin Canada spokesperson Michael Barton. “Lockheed Martin has 120,000 employees worldwide and sometimes it’s a little confusing (for customers) to find out who they should be talking to.”

The new office, which opened on Thursday, is in addition to the firm’s previous Canadian headquarters in Kanata where about 150 employees work for Lockheed Martin Canada. That office primarily deals with navy contracts, Mr. Barton said, and integrating technology into warships.

A chief executive will soon be named to lead the corporate office and its small team that will seek to further strengthen the corporation’s position in Canada. The CEO position will likely be filled within the next couple of months, Mr. Barton said.

“In most countries where we have this much activity, we have a corporate office,” he said.

Maryland-headquartered Lockheed Martin Corp.’s Kanata office will continue its daily operations, including manufacturing, IT and training functions as well as human resources, finances and contract management for the Canadian division of the company.

The global security and aerospace firm brought in net sales of $47.2 billion in 2012, according to the company.

Lockheed Martin Canada has been awarded many contracts from the federal government including the Canadian Navy. The government’s planned purchase of 65 F-35 fighter jets from Lockheed Martin is currently under review after a KPMG report warning that the planes will cost much more than initially announced.