Live video is the future of marketing

It’s estimated that online video viewership will grow by 10 per cent in the next three years, reaching 30 million monthly viewers in Canada alone
OBJ's Peter Kovessy interviews two video subjects.

Online videos have quickly become one of the most popular activities on the web. It’s estimated that online video viewership will grow by 10 per cent in the next three years, reaching 30 million monthly viewers in Canada alone.

Great River Media, the parent firm of the Ottawa Business Journal, has recently invested in cuttingedge live broadcasting technology. Using the same technology as the organizations such as the New York Times, BBC and the NFL, GRM is able to professionally produce live online broadcasts and simulcast across multiple digital channels, including YouTube.

Live broadcasts are no longer just used for sports games and breaking news. This technology also holds a significant opportunity for businesses to reach a wider audience, engage with stakeholders and grow their brand.

Here’s how live video services can benefit your organization.

Reach a wider audience

Whether you’re planning a conference, information session, panel or meeting, live-streaming enables you to reach a virtual audience and generate a larger return on your event.

Specifically, a live broadcast leads to:

A larger audience. Viewers who experience your event through video will connect with your brand and be more likely to attend in person the future. Engage your virtual audience through integrating social media posts or Q&A sessions into the steam.

Powerful marketing material. Generate video clips that can be shared on social media for months to come, generating a marketing treasure trove and extending the reach of your event.

Higher revenues. Spark the interest of sponsors by re-selling your online broadcast to capture their attention and investment. Through GRM’s geo-targeting methods, you can reach a specific demographic or we can create a paywall so virtual attendees will need to pay to access your content.

GRM will consult with you to create an event broadcast and marketing strategy that best fits your organization’s needs.

Business communications

Rather than a monthly staff meeting, e-mail or conference call, picture your CEO or executive director being interviewed in a live broadcasted town-hall style talk show.

Live video is a simple and effective way to provide business updates to your employees, clients, investors and other stakeholders anywhere in the world in a unique and captivating format using live video streams.

Our technology gives you the option to make the video shareable through public channels such as Facebook and YouTube live, or accessible through password protected platforms.

Using interactive features such as comment sections, viewers can ask questions and provide feedback throughout. After the live broadcast, the interview becomes a video on demand that can be shared via e-mail or social media channels, depending on your communications goals.

GRM will work with you to create a custom broadcast and marketing strategy to reach thousands of potential viewers. We can even provide you with an interviewer, if needed.

Editorial shows

Ottawa Business Journal and its related media brands practice what we preach and produce more than 100 online videos each year. We’re harnessing the power of live online broadcasts to replicate what, just a few years ago, could only be accomplished in a million-dollar TV studio.

One of our most popular formats are talk shows, where we interview company founders, executives and industry executives.

Your company can greatly benefit by becoming a sponsor of these shows in the following ways:

Build your brand. When you sponsor one of OBJ’s online shows, your organization will be recognized with on-screen logos at the beginning, end and throughout the show. Associate your brand with the editorial focus of the show and establish yourself within the industry.

Directly inform viewers. Actively participate in the show as a co-host, including a segment that allows you to share your company information with viewers. The audience will begin to associate your organization as a thought-leader in the field.

Meet guests and grow your professional network. Guests on these shows are high-profile leaders or exciting up-and-comers. Expand your network and client-base in the industry.

Live video is ideally suited for:

  • Associations and non-profits: Connect with a dispersed membership with captivating presentations and content.

  • Event planners and venues: Engage audiences who are unable to be present in person and stay connected with attendees through clips of key presentations.

  • Premium brands: Market your company in unique ways, such as sponsoring an editorial show.

For more details on how GRM’s live video services can grow your company’s brand, email Terry Tyo at